Charles E. McCulloch, PhD

Charles E. McCulloch, PhD
PhD, Cornell University
Professor and Head, Division of Biostatistics, UCSF
Vice Chair, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF
Phone: (415) 514-8027
Fax: (415) 514-8150
Email: [email protected]

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Research Interests:

I have wide-ranging experience in both the development of statistical methodology and the novel application of advanced statistical methods. My focus has been on methods for correlated data including longitudinal data models for normally or non-normally distributed outcomes, latent variable and latent class models. I have co- authored book length treatments of those topics (Variance Components, Wiley, 1992 with SR Searle and G Casella; Generalized, Linear, and Mixed Models, Wiley, now in its second edition in 2008 with JM Neuhaus and SR Searle). I am co-author of Regression Methods in Biostatistics (Springer, now in its second edition in 2012).

I have been training students for almost 35 years. While at Cornell University I directed 9 PhD theses, 12 Masters Theses and advised over 75 graduate statistics minor students. Before I left, I directed the PhD program in Statistics. At UCSF, I have served on a number of committees for Masters in Clinical Research Degrees and as a mentor on a number of K-grants. I am a biostatistical mentor serving in the KL-grant mentorship program, providing consultation through weekly works-in-progress presentations and meetings to K-scholars. I co-direct that program. I am also the training director for the Brain Vascular Malformations Consortium ( My mentoring has resulted, to date, in over 100 refereed, jointly-authored publications with mentees or former mentees. I am delighted to serve as an affiliated faculty member for the training grant. I look forward to supporting trainee’s work to ensure appropriate research design, study implementation, and statistical analysis.

Professional Honors and Awards:

  • Fellow of the American Statistical Association.
  • Elected member of the International Statistical Institute.
  • Honor societies: Phi Beta Kappa, Mu Sigma Rho, Gamma Sigma Delta.
  • Primary Lecturer:NSF Regional Research Conference, Gainesville, Florida, 1999
  • Keynote Speaker:
  • Applied Statistics in Agriculture Conference, Manhattan, Kansas, 1996
  • Justus Seely Memorial Conference, Oregon State University, 2003
  • West Coast Stata Users’ Group meeting, 2007
  • Fields Conference on Dependent Data Structures, Ottawa, Canada, 2008
  • Distinguished lecture series:
  • Myra Samuels Memorial Lecturer, Purdue University, 2001
  • Helen Searle Lecturer, Cornell University, 2004
  • Video Education Certificate of Excellence from the American Society of Agronomy
  • 2004-2005 Co-author most outstanding paper by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research

Selected Publications:

  1. Maximum likelihood variance components estimation for binary data. McCulloch, C.E. Journal of the American Statistical Association 89:330-335, 1994.
  2. A note on the existence of the posterior distribution for a class of mixed models for binomial responses. Natarajan, R. and McCulloch, C.E. Biometrika 82: 639-643, 1995.
  3. Maximum likelihood algorithms for generalized linear mixed models. McCulloch, C.E. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 92: 162-170, 1997.
  4. A Monte Carlo EM method for estimating multinomial probit models. Natarajan, R., McCulloch, C.E., and Kiefer, N.M. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 34: 33-50, 2000.
  5. A latent class mixed model for analyzing biomarker trajectories in longitudinal data with irregularly scheduled observations. Lin, H., McCulloch, C.E., Turnbull, B.W., Slate, E.H., and Clark, L.C. Statistics in Medicine, 19: 1303-1318, 2000.
  6. Latent class models for joint analysis of longitudinal biomarker and event process data: application to longitudinal prostate-specific antigen readings and prostate cancer. Lin, H., Turnbull, B.W., McCulloch, C.E., and Slate, E.H. Journal of the American Statistical Association 97:53-65, 2002.
  7. Discovering subpopulation structure with latent class models. McCulloch, C.E., Lin, H., Slate, E.H., and Turnbull, B.W. Statistics in Medicine 21: 417-429, 2002.
  8. Latent pattern mixture models for informative intermittent missing data in longitudinal studies. H Lin, CE McCulloch and RA Rosenheck. Biometrics 60: 295-305, 2004.
  9. Misspecifying the shape of a random effects distribution: Why getting it wrong may not matter. CE McCulloch and JM Neuhaus. Statistical Science 26: 388-402, 2011.
  10. Prediction of random effects in linear and generalized linear models under model misspecification. CE McCulloch and JM Neuhaus. Biometrics 67: 270-92, 2011. PMC3066692.
  11. Estimation of covariate effects in generalized linear mixed models with informative cluster sizes. JM Neuhaus and CE McCulloch. Biometrika, 98: 147-162, 2011. PMC3412602.
  12. Estimation of covariate effects in generalized linear mixed models with a misspecified distribution of random intercepts and slopes. Neuhaus JM, McCulloch CE, Boylan R. Statistics in Medicine 32(14):2419-29, 2013. doi: 10.1002/sim.5682. PMID: 23203817.
  13. Regression Methods in Biostatistics: Linear, Logistic, Survival, and Repeated Measures Models, 2nd Ed. E Vittinghoff, DV Glidden, SC Shiboski and CE McCulloch. Springer, pp. xx + 509, 2012.
  14. Assessment of HBV Preventive Services in a Medically-Underserved Asian and Pacific Islander Population Using Provider and Patient Data. NA Mukhtar, BC Toy, BE Burman, A Yu, AH Chen, P Berman, T Nguyen, D Chan, H Hammer, CE McCulloch, M Khalili. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 30: 68-74, 2014. PMC4284271.
  15. A Comparison of Lidocaine and Bupivacaine Digital Nerve Blocks on Noninvasive Continuous Hemoglobin Monitoring in a Randomized Trial in Volunteers. RD Miller, TA Ward, CE McCulloch, NH Cohen. Anesthesia and Analgesia 118:766–71, 2014.
  16. Diabetes and change in bone mineral density at the hip, calcaneus, spine, and radius in older women. AV Schwartz, SK Ewing, AM Porzig, CE McCulloch, HE Resnick, TA Hillier, KE Ensrud, DM Black, MC Nevitt, SR Cummings, DE Sellmeyer. Front. Endocrinol. 4:62. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2013.00062, 2013. PMCID: PMC3667237.
  17. Abortion and mental health: findings from The National Comorbidity Survey-Replication. Steinberg JR, McCulloch CE, Adler NE. Obstet Gynecol. 2014 Feb;123(2 Pt 1):263-70. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000000092. PMC3929105.
  18. Increase of perceived frequency of neighborhood domestic violence is associated with increase of women's depression symptoms in a nationally representative longitudinal study in South Africa. Meffert SM, McCulloch CE, Neylan TC, Gandhi M, Lund C. Soc Sci Med. 2015 Apr;131:89-97. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2015.03.008. Epub 2015 Mar 6. PMC4382311.
  19. A Trial of the Efficacy and Cost of Water Delivery Systems in San Francisco Bay Area Middle Schools. AA Hecht, JM Grumbach, KE Hampton, K Hecht, E Braff-Guajardo, CD Brindis, CE McCulloch, AI Patel. To appear in Preventing Chronic Disease, 2016.
  20. The Kidney Awareness Registry and Education (KARE) study: protocol of a randomized controlled trial to enhance provider and patient engagement with chronic kidney disease. DS Tuot, A Velasquez, CE McCulloch, T Banerjee, Y Zhu, CY Hsu, M Handley, D Schillinger and NR Powe. BMC Nephrology, 16:166, 2015. doi: 10.1186/s12882-015-0168-4.2015. PMC4618520.

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